Click noise when started button engaged
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Thread: Click noise when started button engaged

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    Click noise when started button engaged

    2006 TW200. This just started happening. Hit the start button and I hear a click, just one click. Won’t start. Push it and it starts right up. The side panel on rt side where tool bag is has 3 electronic components. When the starter is engaged those 3 click. Occasionally the bike will start also. Any ideas which component to check first.
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    The first thing to eliminate is the starter solenoid

    The second thing - is the condition of the battery

    The last thing, is the bushes on the starter motor

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    You might want to start by checking for clean tight connections at the battery and starter solenoid.
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, I have an '06 as well but have not had such an issue. As already suggested I would check the battery first off. .....and welcome from Ontario, Canada!
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    The click means it’s not one of the safety devices (neutral, kickstand, etc)? Cheers
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    Tw200 no start no click

    Tw200 won’t click, 12v before sw on, 3v after sw on, very weak lights, it looks like a short, pls help,
    Last edited by Pogino1; 06-05-2019 at 05:43 PM. Reason: Need help trouble shoot this problem
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    Pogino 1 - Your battery is dead. A fully charged battery is 12.6-12.8V, 12V is only about a 40% charge and if it drops to 3V, your battery is dead, and may be toast. Try charging it up, with a real charger, not a battery "tender" or "maintainer". And if you do buy a new battery, especially an AGM , make sure YOU fully charge it first before putting into service or it will suffer a very early premature death.
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    I just had that same issue with the BW 350 I was rebuilding. There are a number of electrical relays associated with the starting system but one is usually the culprit. Not usually the starter solenoid but the starter relay. I can't ID it on the TW here since they don't label them the same as on the BW and it is is a different place on the TW.

    Here is some very good info on the basic starting system and how to test the relays. The one I found faulty is called the Starting relay cut off here and on the BW it is behind the headlight but on the TW it is in the electrical side box. Same relay for both bikes BTW and available on Ebay for about $8 each rather than the $50-$60 from Yamaha.

    In the test if you power the posts on the relay and you don't hear the click the relay is shot and no power goes to the solenoid.

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    Unlike an automotive Bendix type solenoid the TW's starter relay solenoid is but a simple relay located under the seat. Low current signal from handlebar switch activates electromagnets closing contacts thus sending high current directly to starter motor. Spinning starter motor's centrifugal force then forces gear engagement with engine rather than the electromagnetic force used to deploy starter gear in automotive applications.
    Since TWpr413 heard the solenoid contacts close ( the "clicking" noise ) it would seem the relay is working. Like Pogino's situation the OP's problem most likely is inadequate battery power to the starter motor. This may be due to bad battery, poor charge on the battery, poor conductivity at terminals or intervening wiring.
    The TW's starter motor brushes are not readily inspectable, nor serviceable elements. If the two starter cover bolts are removed and commutator removed I am not sure if once brushes are accessed and replaced if the whole assembly can be reassembled without a special tool to hold spring loaded brushes in the retracted position while commutator & thrust washers are re-inserted. Not having seen replacement brushes for sale I fear the starter is a non-serviceable item.
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