Diesel in fuel
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Thread: Diesel in fuel

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    Diesel in fuel

    Stating the obvious, while not paying attention at the pump, about 3/4 of a tank of diesel was pumped in to the tank. I drove it about half a mile b4 realizing it, drained it, changed the plug, now it only starts w full choke and runs terrible. I never had to choke it b4 and it ran great. Any thoughts?
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    you're most likely going to have to flush out the carb. did you open the bowl drain and let some gas flow through? do you have a fuel filter that should be changed? i would think that diesel being heavier may have blocked some of the small passages. and welcome to the forum
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, I hope you can get it all sorted out. Welcome from Ontario, Canada!
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    It will run rough and smoke like a very smoky thing that smokes until you get that diesel flushed through the carb — but — it won’t hurt the engine

    The tank will probably benefit from a couple of flushes — and you should discard / replace any in-line fuel filters you have

    That just leaves the carb, and you can take your choice of the many products out there to clean / flush the thing through

    You will probably have to run the engine for a couple of tank fulls before you are completely rid of it (sticky stuff), but you can do so without concern — bit embarrassing, but hardly terminal

    Change / clean the plug while you’re going through this — it’ll help a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    It will run rough and smoke like a very smoky thing that smokes

    That is too funny. That's how I write. Gramarly Corrector if a wonderful thing for me.
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    It will blow black smoke and ting when idling. Now just hook a heavy trailer to it and double clutch when shifting.
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    Purple got it right on the money! I would listen to that advise
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    Wow - there are very few things that can’t be solved through this forum. Cheers
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    Neighbor drives a fuel truck and tells me that they don't flush the tank between products. That 5 gallons disappears in 1000 gallons. In fact we used to put 5 gallons of motor oil in 1000 gallons of JP5 for lubrication. Drain the diesel and start running clean gas. It will smoke but wont hurt anything. A little top oil won't hurt, people have been adding Marvel Mystery oil to the top of motors for years.
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