1994 TW200 will not start with Electric Start when cold only Kick Starter
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Thread: 1994 TW200 will not start with Electric Start when cold only Kick Starter

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    Question 1994 TW200 will not start with Electric Start when cold only Kick Starter

    My 1994 TW200 that was recently rebuilt will not start regularly when cold on the electric start. If I kick it over it fires first or second kick.

    I recently rebuilt the engine complete with a new top end, all new gaskets, seals, spark plug etc. When I finished the rebuild it started right up on the electric start but now that its ran for a few weeks and I have put about 20 very light miles on it's stubborn to start on the electric start when it's cold.

    It always fires on the kick starter and once it's been ridden you can restart it while it's warm with the electric but once it's cooled down again you have to kick it over. I don't mind it but occasionally my wife wants to ride it around the campgrounds and I don't think she even knows it has a kickstarter so I really want it to be reliable for her.

    Any suggestions? Also is it normal to hear a little timing chain tick when it's cold? I hear a small ticking that to me sounds like timing chain slap or something in the top end not a knock just a ticking sound. I don't know what normal is for these as I bought this in a non-running condition and I refurbished it.

    NO I did not replace the timing chain when I rebuilt it I know I probably should have. I do have a 1987 TT225 with basically the same engine and I don't hear this light ticking sound with it.
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    The 94 has a manually adjusted cam chain tensioner – for further detail check here - https://tw200forum.com/forum/technica...r-manuals.html

    The condition of the battery may be of concern considering the time of year – it may be that by the time it turns the engine over, there’s little left for a spark …..
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    Thanks for the manual I looked at that when I rebuilt it but only really for the Torque specs didn't realize it was manually adjusted I just assumed it was spring loaded to keep tension on it. I'll check the valve lash now that it's broken in some and readjust that tension rod on the timing chain hope that helps with my ticking sound. The battery is new and i use a NORCO Genious battery maintainer to keep it charged.

    Here is a before and after I think I saved it from the scrap yard. They guy I got it from was going to take it to the dump. After lots of eBay parts and some scrubbing and new paint, Attachment 155498Attachment 155506it came out nice. Wish I could find a set of the old decals I loved the rainbow warrior look.
    Attachment 155506
    Attachment 155514Attachment 155514Attachment 155522
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    Are you using the choke/enrichener? One thing I've noticed about some TW's is that they don't like to have the starter button held down for very long. Just a quick touch usually does it if everything else is tuned up and correct.

    Nice job on the restore!
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