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    Can anyone help me, i have bought a TW125 2001 model which I'm restoring. I am having a problem with the back drum brake. When reassembled, and bolted to bike (without he chain on yet) if you attempt to spin the wheel it can only manage about a half turn as there is so much friction inside the drum. I opened the drum brake and it appears that the shoe plate pushes tightly against the wheel bearing when bolted to bike. (this is without over tightening the axle.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Sorry but IM new to TW's and this is my first build.



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    Is the bearing seated flush in the wheel hub? I've seen them get loose in their seat,stick out and cause problems.

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    Remove the arm off the spline and rotate it one notch. That should fix it. The little lever between the shoe ends should be completely flat between them. If this is not the case, then look into what xracer said.
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