New AGM battery came in and I think I got hosed, couple of questions ??
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Thread: New AGM battery came in and I think I got hosed, couple of questions ??

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    New AGM battery came in and I think I got hosed, couple of questions ??

    Got new battery in and it requires adding the acid to activate. As far as I have ever known this alone would mean that is cannot be an AGM battery, Correct or not. All the advertising and spec sheet insists it is an agm but it is like every other lead acid battery I have ever seen only with out a vent port for my down tube. the company said it was a compatible replacement and there was even a tw200 reviewer that said it was a little smaller but worked fine. I already don't want this on my bike but what do you think the deal is. ?? Just plain deception ? maybe I am all wet and this is a little normal, I am calling BS and scam but am I wrong ?? In all fairness I did pay lead acid prices !! Posting a pic, please ignore my Pet Cock in the background

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    In my experience....As soon as you tell a retailer the make and model anything else you say goes in one ear and out the other. For best result, I give specific details of the product I'm looking for. Brand, product number, etc. If one detail was off I would not be pleased.

    Just googled the number
    "APTZ7S-BS Kinetik® Dry Charge 12V 6Ah 100CCA




    Weird....according to the fortnine listing you have to set it up and then it's sealed.
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    I almost bought an AGM myself...$75 CAD at the local shop. The listings I just stumbled on are way cheaper. I don't know how local shops stay in business.

    Oh... I edited my last post.
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    I bought an AGM battery the other day from a local shop, Battery Warehouse $90 with a one year pro rated warranty. The lead acid batteries I’ve been running always seem to need refilling.
    I bought a Lithium battery last April that I had to send back under warranty.
    I’ll see how these batteries work out in my two TWs
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    I bought two AGM batteries and there is no place to add acid.

    I bought them from a link someone had posted on this forum. I think they were $18 each (maybe less) and I think that included S&H. If I can find it I will post the link using an edit.

    Edit: I found it.
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    I bought an AGM battery for my 1993 and it is smaller and lighter than stock. I didn't have to do anything to it but I did top it off with a trickle charger anyway before using it. This is the only battery that I have been able to use the electric starter on for more than 6 months. Mine was about $35.00 and it is the best battery I have ever had. I like the AGM battery. I guess some businesses may not set up the AGM battery in order to save money. I hope you got a good deal. Be sure to follow all of the directions for the best results and longevity.
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    It seems very strange that an AMG battery would come dry and make you fill it yourself. I have never heard of that. But you say there is no vent hose on it? Maybe it is actually an AMG?
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    Absorbed Gas Mat is not liquid.
    It is sealed.
    No liquid can be added.
    No electrolyte can evaporate or leak.
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    I think they are shipped unassembled (even the AGM ) and need to be set up, sealed, and charged once they're received. If you bought them from one of your local shops they may have set it up for you and then sealed it. It is common to ship batteries uncharged and for that matter without the lead acid in it.
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    AGM batteries cannot have acid added...PERIOD! That is the whole point of that type of battery! Absorbed Glass Mat. NO LIQUID!!
    Doc is correct.
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