List of Common Bearing/Sizes and Yamaha P/N cross-reference?
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Thread: List of Common Bearing/Sizes and Yamaha P/N cross-reference?

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    Question List of Common Bearing/Sizes and Yamaha P/N cross-reference?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm quite new here and I believe this to be only my second post. I have a 2009 TW200-it is a little whooped but I was led to believe its got just under 2000 miles on it so I took a risk at a good price. Anyways.

    I was wondering if there is a list of various bearings, their Yamaha part numbers and their common or industry names on this forum...

    For instance, I was looking for the bearing that is in the blind hole behind the oil seal on the my stator cover-across from the output sprocket. You cannot see it on the fiche for the engine case, but it is shown in the transmission fiche-along with its seal and shield.

    BEARING Yamaha part number is:

    I can only ASSUME that the hidden 6203 (93306-20335-00) in the PN is the industry standard name. I found some photos of general bearings for sale that say they fit this application and can barely see in the photos that they have this number on them.

    I'm not stupid. I don't want to pay $14+shipping for a simple bearing that I could source elsewhere, locally even, for a couple dollars. I could potentially find better than the C3 specced bearing if I wanted to.

    Do we have a database where we have the Yamaha part numbers cross-referenced with the industry naming conventions so as to help people like me source wheel bearing, the bearing mentioned above, shaft bearings, seals, etc? I did something similar for a Duc 996 I used to have and saved a bundle and my information helped a lot of others who didn't know that this could be done.

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    Welcome to the forum, and great question!

    I believe that there have been a few random bearings for which common equivalents have been identified, but they are probably buried deep within various threads and would be difficult to find. I am not aware of any comprehensive cross-reference list of bearings for the TW.

    I, for one, would be deeply indebted if you were willing to compile such a list for the benefit of this forum!


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    Welcome to the forum. I have the original bearing with over 44,000 miles on mine. Unless something crazy happened I doubt it would be bad at 2000 miles.
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    Welcome. Some vendors like Bike Bandit have the parts diagrams with part numbers and prices, which I have found very helpful. Cheers
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    It's a 6203.
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    i dont have any part numbers, but Im in the process of building a new motor. regardless of the current condition im going to use all new bearings. If such a chart existed I would use it. furthermore I get so lost in all the brands and specs of cartidge bearings. I would love a little insight on what a good bearing is. I know brands like SKF and KOYO seem to be of good quality but im only guessing. Futhermore I see all the tollerances and specs, but have no way to know what suitable for engine internals. Ive always stuck with oem bearings because I know thats what worked off the floor and they dont have to be replaced often at all
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    I think generating a small database of bearings and seals would be very helpful.

    It wouldn't really consist of all that many items since many are used in various places, but it could potentially save someone time and money-as most of the bearings are available over the counter at any auto parts store.

    So far, I've learned that, according to the parts fiche for my 09 TW:

    Front Wheel Bearings. 6202 2RS (93306-20203-00) . There are 2.
    Oil Seal (93102-20281-00)

    Rear Wheel Bearings 6203 2RS (93306-20348-00) There are 3.
    Oil Seal (93102-25311-00)

    Stator Cover Bearing. 6203 (93306-20335-00) There is 1. It has no rubber seal (RS, notice how the above bearings have "2RS" denoting that the bearing has TWO rubber seals)
    Oil Seal (93102-17187-00)
    We can try and find the industry standard oil seal designations to help source those too.

    We should also make a db of fasteners for the bike. I was able to go to a Rural King near me and source the exact flange bolt that I needed for my headlight bracket-smooth shank, threads and all. The price was $3.99/lb. Sure beats (95817-06040-00) at $1.05 plus shipping...
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    SKF is a top tier bearing. It costs a bit more, but it's worth it!

    NTN is also very good, and Koyo is OEM quality.

    Don't buy anything made in China.

    C3 is not a quality or precision rating, it refers to the "fit," or internal clearance of the bearing. C3 is electric motor standard, as it allows for sufficient internal thermal expansion at electric motor speeds... which also happens to be just right for automotive and motorcycle use.

    There are looser fit and tighter fit bearings available, but they are not as common, and there is nothing to gain by using them on a TW.

    All the bearings I have replaced so far have been standard sizes. I don't remember all the part numbers, but they are are easy to look up by dimensions.

    Metric seals generally use the dimensions as the part number, so finding replacement seals is really easy.

    Have fun!
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    I am aware of the differences between the clearance ratings and ABEC ratings and what each entail. Maybe I wasn't completely clear by what I said. I do not mean that finding a different C rating is better-its just that a lot of bulk items sold online tend to be house named or unlabeled. Personally, I would trust a FAG, SKF, Koyo, NTN, etc, bearing rated at C3 clearance over an unlabeled Chinese bearing with the same clearance rating.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Seal in stator cover over bearing that seats the output shaft
    Oil Seal (93102-17187-00) - Seal marking is MHSA 17 40 5 (Koyo).

    Output seal behind front sprocket
    Oil Seal (93102-22389-00) - Seal marking is MHSA 22 35 6 (Koyo)

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