new from tx searching for knowledge
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Thread: new from tx searching for knowledge

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    new from tx searching for knowledge

    just picked up 1987 for $400 . previous owner had just put a brand new carb from yamaha and gave me the old one. He said it would star with starting fluid i and i nixed that. Anyhow found this site and was impressed in tech section that you offer advice but if person just wants you to fix it you call them out.I took the bike apart to check all wirings and to get to the carb. he said it ran rough so i am going to searching and reading posts to gain knowledge. i saw something about the cdi also on here. just wanted to say hi from tx and let everyone know Im here to learn and look forward to this site.if anyone has an idea what posts might pinpoint my issue feel free to steer me that way.As i learn the rules my posts will not be so long,
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    Welcome. In the tech forum there are stickies for a lot of stuff including how to test your CDI. Carb problems are common, but since you have a new one I would look at the intake boot and oring, check for vacuum leaks, bad seal and tears, etc. Pit a 90 degree fuel filter on the fuel line. Get new gas
    , check for rust in the tank. Also check the air filter and spark plug. On the new carb remove the plug over the pilot jet and adjust it to 2 1/2 turns out. Look under the stickies for carb info and pics. Google search this site for info you need.
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    Welcome. May I ask what part of Texas?

    I'm in Pilot Point, Denton County, 1 hour north of Dallas.

    M C

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    Welcome. There is also a good thread in the technical section about bringing an old bike back to life. Let us know how it goes. Cheers
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    The ’87 was prone to CDI failure (first generation), but it’s a “plug and play” fix – retail is 300 on those things, but you have two options. Either get a dealer to replace it (no cure/no pay), or we have a guy on the site who builds them for half price

    Just how rough does this thing run ? (if it runs) – if it was built by man, it can be fixed by man

    Welcome to the board …..
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    Welcome from Canada and congrats and the new to you ride. With a little patience and luck and the wealth of info you'll find here you should have that puppy up and running again soon.
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    thanks for the input and welcoming hospitality. i am in Friendswood tx. organized garage today getting to many projects. The TW project resumes tomorrow or should i say today since i just got back with another 87 that needs brought back to life. I will look up the info if i can keep from going after more of these.I think its an addiction
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    Welcome Cherster, Drawer! These TWs sure can be habit forming.
    Appreciate your polite concise writing style , will come in handy if and when you need with the '87s. For even though Puple says " if it was built by man, it can be fixed by man" sometimes it can be frustrating if it has since been hammered on by Troglodytes for the last 30 years.
    I would say disassemble & rebuild the old carburetor as a learning experience following some of the "How-to" threads. You may quickly find and fix the original problem like a clogged main jet, ethanol gummy deposits, etc. Having a working spare carb has it's moments, almost as good as having a spare working '87. That way diagnosis of new problems can be made easier via a part swap.
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