testing sequence 1987 tw200
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Thread: testing sequence 1987 tw200

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    testing sequence 1987 tw200

    I just recently got 2 1987 tw200 the first one had new carb put on which i will be cleaning the old one for practice. the second one i was told had intermittent spark. I will be ordering a manual and know enough to test components.I have been reading posts but could someone point me in the right order to troubleshoot them and multimeter settings. I would like to go through the troubleshooting step by step on these to fix all issues. I will get manual and continue researching but would rather get out there and get these going.
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    Take a browse through the Technical Forum, plenty of good info there. Sorry I can't be more specific however maybe another member can add more light.
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    Basics for intermittent spark, before considering a faulty CDI:
    1. Clean and reinstall both ends of both battery cables.
    2. Battery voltage:
    2a. Key off (12.6 on lead-acid, 12.8 on AGM)
    2b. Key on (12.5 within a few seconds with lead-acid, will drop with headlight load)
    2c. While pressing start button (not under 10.5)
    3. Coli high voltage wire, clean, no corrosion, both ends.
    4. Spark plug like new?
    5. Coil connections clean, not corroded.
    6. Disconnect, clean and reconnect secondary wiring.

    What color is intermittent spark?

    See link in post 9 of this thread: https://tw200forum.com/forum/technica...-question.html
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    In addition to post #3 ….

    Isolate all cut outs
    Confirm wiring from magneto to CDI is intact (known issue)
    Confirm (or short) kill switch
    Confirm pulse coil position

    The list goes on — basically — check everything — lol

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    thanks for the input i downloaded the manual and will get back on them tomorrow.Spent all day just tracing wires and fixing some bad connections and trying to make one whole.
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    If you have a old inductive timing light laying around, hook it up to the bike with the trigger rubber banded down and go for a ride, if the light cuts out and the bike runs intermittently, the CDI is bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by chester drawers View Post
    thanks for the input i downloaded the manual and will get back on them tomorrow.Spent all day just tracing wires and fixing some bad connections and trying to make one whole.
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    With two '87s side by side perhaps electrical parts can be exchanged in order to isolate problem. I did this once for an intermittent spark issue eliminating one by one each element until confident fault must lay in stator assembly despite the stator having passed the manual's multi-meter testing procedure.
    I woud recogmend an old fashioned calibratable steam gauge ohmmeter since my admittedly cheap modern digital auto-ranging multimeter lack the needed accurate resolution.
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