SR241 Mounting Question
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Thread: SR241 Mounting Question

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    SR241 Mounting Question

    Just mounted a new 241 front. Iím no expert but Iíve never had a tire spoon on so easily. And Iíve never had one seat without some sort of snap or pop. Aired it up to 50psi just making sure it seated, and It looks fully right. Then I pulled the valve stem to add Ride-On sealant/Balancer, and it lost its bead on both sides, just kind of collapsed. Aired it back up again, and it looks fully seated as before, just no pop. Went ahead and installed it back on the bike, and will do a test run tomorrow, but nervous itíll slip on the wheel if itís that loose. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Sound like my experience except no sealant/ issues for me. but I'm light on my front break. I'm at roughly 15 psi right now. Off road only.

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    My 241 "popped" on, but it was definitely easier to seat than the rear tire! It did not come off the bead when I let the air out to add Ride-On.
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    Both of mine went on easily. I have run 6 psi in my wifes bike but told her to dodge the bigger rocks. Shes also not aggressive on the brake. I have run mine at 8 but did feel some rocks so dont go that low.
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    I had exactly the same experience with both the front 241 and the rear OEM two days ago when adding RideOn. No pop, and a little hiss when adding air. Put both up to 20 psi and went for a 10 mile ride at 55.
    Zero problems. I have a suspicion that the pop has to do with how much capacity and pressure your air tank has. Mine doesn't have much and only goes to 100psi.

    Yes, the 241 does not have a real stiff carcass....nice if you have to repair a flat tube.

    I ride in sharp rocks a lot and would never go below 12 psi.
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    Great to hear, thanks all. I shouldnít complain about easy mounting, and I guess Iíll make up for that when I work up the courage to try an ATV rear
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