bedding in piston rings
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    bedding in piston rings

    hi all,

    not been on here for a while,

    Just a quick question, how long does it take for the piston rings to bedded in? my bike was burning a lot of oil and giving out clouds of smoke so ive changed the piston and had it rebored, piston rings, valve stem oil seals and all the gaskets.

    Ive done about 100 maybe 140miles of steady riding but im just wondering how long the rings genearly take to bed in.


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    Change the oil and your good to go. You may want to recheck the head and cylinder bolts for correct torque but your rings and piston should be well seated in by now.

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    From the car world I've always heard 300 miles for standard rings, and about 3000 for chrome-moly rings. Standard break in per Yamaha is 1000 miles with 300 mile oil change. My experience with my last couple road bikes though is that they didn't feel truly broken in till about 10,000. My 2008 TW'b has less that 2000 miles and really don't feel fully broken in yet. Just my "seat of the pants" opinion.

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