TW valve ticking
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Thread: TW valve ticking

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    TW valve ticking

    I have checked my valves which are in spec but it always ticks. I am planning to buy the new tappet adjusting screws just in case they are worn. The other day I did the old trick of putting the screwdriver against the valve cover and the handle to your ear, it works kind of like a stethoscope. The odd thing is that on the valve covers you can hear no ticking. When I touched it to the exhaust pipe it was ticking away. No exhaust leaks. So, is this normal noise which is heard through the thin header pipe since they don't use the thick cast iron like factory cars?

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    It's broke. Send it to me and I will dispose of it for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    I have checked my valves which are in spec but it always ticks. ....
    So do mine. As long as the valve clearance is within spec, there is nothing to worry about.....UNLESS you did not torque the lock nut to spec!!!! This is one of the various torque specs that I always make sure is spot on.
    Next time you adjust, remove the lock nut and tappet screws and inspect the tip of the screw and the valve head with a magnifying lens. Usually, if the clearances are kept within spec, it will take 30,000 or more miles to hammer the tip or the valve head.

    The header pipe acts just like an old ear trumpet.
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    I had a similar problem. Tick, tick, tick. Every time I checked the clearance it was within spec. One day I grabbed the rocker and moved it up and down and it moved a lot -- but the feeler gauge showed it was within spec. Himmm......I removed the adjusting screw and found the tip of the valve was concave. The feeler gauge bridged the concavity giving a false reading. The rest of the story -- I replaced the valve.

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    I had the same problem twice. After intense high rev riding the valves started ticking and couldn't be properly adjusted. my advice is the same, change the valves and readjust them b4 it is 2 late.

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