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    Hey all. My 91 tdub has and always has had a ticking sound while running. Almost like valve chatter I guess would be the best way to describe it. Does anyone else notice this and is it normal. The bike only has abt 4000 miles but when I got it off of my cousin it had set under an old shed and was pretty bad from the weather. Although I didn't tear the motor down I did change the oil a few times and saw no signs of rust or moisture. Still runs like a champ just alittle noisy.

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    These things are noisy runners and it's often difficult to sort out potential problems such as piston slap or valve noises from the "normal" mechanical sounds, particularly if you haven't owned one from new. To me these things sound as if they're ready to come unglued at any given point, but they don't.

    Adding/eliminating accessories such as skid plates and fuel tanks or even wearing a different helmet affects the reflected harmonics all over again. Whole other set of weird noises to get used to, and some of the previous sounds disappear entirely.

    I'd hesitate to say your ticking is just the nature of the beast because I haven't heard it. But if all of your maintenence is up to date and it doesn't sound like catastrophic metal munching I'd say roll widdit.

    One possibilty is cam chain slap. If you haven't adjusted the cam chain tensioner give that a shot. It costs nothing and needs to be done, anyway.

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    I had a beat XR250R that ticked really bad. I only paid $250 for it so I ran it until it died. The ticking was a loose timing chain...eventually I jumped the chain and trashed the valves. Then I sold it for $400 in parts.

    I'd take a look at your timing chain adjustment.
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    Ride an old BMW pushrod airhead. You'll think your TW is the quietest bike on the planet.
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    OK, you guys finally shook me outa the woodwork.. LOL

    Been lurking here a while, and getting to know and appreciate my new (to me) TDub (04) and learning a lot from you fine folks, but the reference to an old Airhead by Loppy forces me to speak up!

    I got one of those old Beemers, and yep, you're right, they are a symphony of sound going down the road, but the sounds are all very sewing machine-like, unlike the TDub, which sometimes sounds like it is fixin to fly apart. I am very reassured by the long-time riders here, who counsel me that "It's OK, they all sound like that, and they hardly ever fly apart" I worry not at all!

    Great forum, I read it every day, might even start posting a bit now.

    Oh, Yeah, the beemer....

    It was an abandoned yard find, got it for the cost of trailering it home, and wound up doing a frame-up resto on it. Just put it on the road last year. It's fun to ride, but very different from the TDub. I find myself spending a lot of time on the TW, vs the BMW.




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    That is a beautiful BMW. Nice job on the restoration. I love it!

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    "WOW" Nice restore job................ My dad had a older 600cc. Black mits white. (B.M.W.)

    Earls <sp? fork. The old tickle carbs.. Fun bike.. Welcome to the crazy site.. Omm.

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