Older TW bringing it back from the dead after years of sitting. Carb gremlins...
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    Older TW bringing it back from the dead after years of sitting. Carb gremlins...

    So I finally have time to bring this poor old TW back from the bone yard after years of sitting.
    I've cleaned the carb, boiled it twice, blew air through every orifice (sounds kinky) got a rebuild kit with the following jets and such all new gaskets.
    New gasket on the intake boot also.
    I'm using a clean tank, totally fresh gas it's 93 octane.
    I'm about 800 ft above sea level.
    The bike is bone stock except for this new carb kit with these jets and needle.

    • 116 Main Jet
    • 38 Pilot Jet
    • Y2908 Needle

    I have the fuel screw set to 1 1/2 turns out after drilling out the plug. I'm going to go 2 and 1/2 tomorrow.
    The needle I set on the top most clip dropping it down more, because that mostly looked close to stock, but would be a bit higher, I'd say 2 washers higher at least.

    The bike ran perfectly fine when parked years ago.
    So I know the carb is the problem.
    So it does start, how ever it doesn't start easy at all.
    I got it started tonight, it does run, runs fine at 1/4 to full throttle.
    If it goes low on the idle it dies, and doesn't want to start again.
    While it did run, the header pipe was glowing cherry red, LEAN?
    It ran for about 3 minutes 3 different times.

    Should I go back to the stock needle? I know it don't make a difference on start up and it seemed alright through the rest of the throttle range.
    The red pipe is getting to hot from jetting, so I'm lean in the pilot?
    Also, and not as important but it needs to get fixed, the throttle is sticking, pretty bad, any thoughts? It snaps shut without the cables on so I'm guessing there is something in the throttle cable housing?
    Thanks for any help.

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    The pipe color is a sure indicator it is running way to lean... Don't run it anymore until you test it next time after adjustments. Put the stock needle back in. The pilot jet does sound like it is clogged and it probably is the cable causing the stickiness.
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    "The bike ran perfectly fine when parked years ago."

    Why not replace carb components with the same that were in it when running fine? A thought! Good luck.
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    I know I am lucky but I do not have the carb problems that every one else does. When I rebuild a carb I soak it in carb cleaner for a week, at least. Then I spray and air dry everything. I always run SeaFoam in my gas.

    My guess is that you are very lean either by settings or a small piece of crud somewhere.

    Good luck

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    I remember reading here about some of the aftermarket carb rebuild kits not being as reliable as OEM. I say try the stuff that was on it before.

    I’m not sure what you are referring to when you typed that you set the needle on the top most clip. Im going to go through some of jbfla’s carb pics to figure it out. Cheers.
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    The rebuild kit I bought was off ebay, This one here to be exact.
    Well it won't let me post the link, but do a search, tw200 carb rebuild and it will be the top one. Scrambler Cycles.
    The needle that it comes with actually has clip settings instead of using washers. When you compare it to the stock needle, it's about 2 maybe 3 washers at the highest clip position.
    Its working so far, so I'm going to leave it in and keep the stock one if it doesn't act right.
    Anyway, update,
    It's running, starting. I adjusted out to 3 turns, started right up.
    So far so good, seems to rev out good, little bit of back fire/pops when you chop the throttle, but no cherry red pipe at all.
    I'm getting the tank sandblasted so I can get rid of the ugliest color ever put on a motorcycle that horrible sea foam green, that has to go.
    So can't do a full test ride yet.
    I will post a update for anyone interested in the adjustable needle and how it acts when I get the tank painted.

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    Does the kit come with OEM parts (jets)? If not, time to rethink it.....

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