Engine Breakin - Results?
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Thread: Engine Breakin - Results?

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    Engine Breakin - Results?

    I know there are a lot of different opinions about how to break in a new TW. That is not the subject of this thread. I recently achieved the 600 mile mark recommended by Yamaha. I checked valve clearance and it was right on and changed the oil with Yamalube. There were some fine metal filings on the filter but not as much as I had expected.

    My Question:

    For those of you who have bought new bikes, did you notice any real difference in the performance or "feel" of the bike after break in? If so, how long did it take?
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    I did not notice any significant performance changes with my 2003 after following Yamaha's conservative break-in schedule. Did notice an improvement in shifting after changing to a full synthetic oil at around 1,500 miles.
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    I noticed improved shifting and the suspension loosening up a bit. Still rides like a lumber wagon but ever so slightly better then when new.
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    i did notice an improvement in power at about 300 miles
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    Pretty much the same as Fred. Performance, no, feel yes, but it was pretty subtle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    I noticed improved shifting and the suspension loosening up a bit. Still rides like a lumber wagon but ever so slightly better then when new.
    I have never ridden on a lumber wagon but I have ridden on a few bikes over the years. I think I have noticed an improvement in the suspension as it breaks in but I don't think the suspension on the TW is really that bad for its intended purpose. It helps to make sure the front fork has the proper oil level, but keep in mind, a proper "race ready" suspension would probably cost more than a new TW!
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    Now (at 5000+ miles) I can shift to 2nd gear immediately after starting off at low rpm on a cold start going down my driveway. Before break in and synthetic oil Dub did not want to go into 2nd gear until warm or higher rpm. Over all shifts are smoother now. The bike feels great to me....It may be because over time the machine becomes an extension of your body - time in the saddle and good maintenance will make your TW "feel" great!
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    The most noticable thing I have found was the feeling of a bit better power and throttle response after I finally loosened and twisted the carb enough to remove the cheesey air adjustment screw cover.

    Simply " screw in " a wood or metal screw about 2-3" long ( to allow you to grab it easily) , with a sharp point, just enough to be snug ( don't screw in any more than necessary or until it bottoms out ) into the small hole you will find there "waiting" for it.

    Then simply pull the screw and cover out with a pair of pliers or channel locks. Mine came out real easy. This allows you to gain access to the fuel air mixture screw located behind it.

    Then re-adjust it by taking it in clockwise until it lightly bottoms out, then simply turn screw out counter clockwise 2 1/4 -2 1/2 " turns " and your there. Now that it's adjusted correctly, the spark plug should " read " correctly ( slightly grey with no carbon build up ) when it's removed.

    I found my bike has better power and throttle responsiveness once the mixture was enriched a bit
    ( as they come "Way Lean" from the factory to meet EPA )

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    Has anybody heard of bad things happening for not following the break in procedure? I bought a used TW with 200 miles on it and having a hard time keeping the throttle at 1/2 pull.

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