Mirror mount and headlight switch questions
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Thread: Mirror mount and headlight switch questions

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    Mirror mount and headlight switch questions

    As you guys saw in another thread, my TW fell off my trailer and landed upside down, so there's some damage to the handlebar area. First question is about the left side mirror mount. Please see the photo below. The mount that holds on the clutch lever also holds the mirror. But as you can see in the pic, the half that holds the clutch lever is fine, it's only the tiny half of the clamp that faces the rider that's broken, and that's the part that has the threaded hole for the mirror to screw into. My question is, can I buy just that part by itself? Or do I need to get a whole new clutch lever mount assembly?

    Next question has to do with the plastic housing where your headlight brights switch is located. As you can see, this unit got some road rash. Well it still functions, so I wasn't going to replace it, but I noticed this little part came off when I removed the rubber hand grip. The 3 photos below show where it was located and what it looks like once removed. I don't know what this piece is for, and therefore I can't tell if it's broken or not. Can someone fill me in?

    The right side came out relatively clean. Only bent the mirror arm and broke the mirror glass. Not sure yet if it's worth gluing a new mirror in there and bending the arm back, or should I just buy a new one. Anyone have luck finding a good right hand side mirror that fits the threads?
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    Ok I answered the first question myself by cruising around boats.net. The anwer is yes, you CAN buy just the small half of that clamp, and it's only $5.95. Of course more like 14 bucks after shipping, but still worth it as I don't have to mess with removing the clutch now.

    In case anyone else needs one, the part number is "33G-82913-01-00 HOLDER,LEVER LWR 1"
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    Great news! My dealer told me it was only a $40+ pre-paid special order part so I just bought a left side mirror mount bracket fabricated by one of their staff.

    I can recommend these folding mirrors from a variety of vendors (some feature a more wide angle lens). I got my replacement right side mirror assembly from Dennis Kirk for about $17 with the left side was listed for about half that price. The degree of adjustability is impressive as well as the degree of vibration once tightened.mirror.jpg
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    Thanks for the recommendation. Those are the famous "Ken Sean" mirrors, correct? I'm going to order one right now.

    As for my other question, about the little tab thingy on the horn switch assembly. I found a picture of one that's not all scuffed up. Hope someone knows what this is for. Here's the pic, I circled the piece in red:
    left switch tw200.JPG

    Please tell me if you can't see the pics, as I know sometimes the poster can see it and the readers can't.

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