87 TW200 Won't crank at all or kick start.
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Thread: 87 TW200 Won't crank at all or kick start.

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    87 TW200 Won't crank at all or kick start.

    I bought the bike for 350 because the kid started it (kickstart) right in front of me. Now it wont start by kicking or by the key. It needed new sprockets so after figuring out the crazy oil case that cover the front sprocket i got it all back together and had to kick the absolute shit out of it to start it, which it did eventually. When i bought the kid said the battery was dead and I didn't think much of it. But after opening it I realized it had no battery probably for a long time. Now it won't kickstart or crank over. the headlights turn on and what i believe to be the nuetral light ( the top cover is mia) comes on when the key is turn and i put it in nuetral. Im at a loss, I replaced the cdi but get no spark at the plug despite getting a new spark plug lead as well. Of note; the carb doesn't seem to fit into the airboot all the way? Its pressed against it but it doesnt slide in all the way like every other bike I've had.
    Any Ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    We might need to see some photos.

    When you put the side cover back on, there's a wire that's pretty easy to pinch, which would shut the whole thing down.

    Also, the headlight shouldn't come on with an '87, unless the engine is running... are you sure of the year? Has the engine been replaced with a later model?

    If it's running a newer engine (and newer wiring), then the CDI you installed is probably the wrong one.

    It sounds like the carb may have been replaced with something aftermarket. Mine came with a cheap Chinese eBay carb that was shorter than the factory carb... it ran pretty well, though.
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    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    +1 and CJ7Pilot hit all the points. Nice Job CJ! Jeepers always know what the H they're doing..
    Quote Originally Posted by CJ7Pilot View Post
    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the board

    We need pics of the bike in general (whole bike shot), and any other specific parts you regard as suspect - don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this ....
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    " it had no battery" ? Surely there would be no headlight nor neutral light illuminated without a battery to supply power. May we assume you have added a battery since the "it had no battery" comment?

    With battery power you say it "won't... crank over". Does this mean the starter motor is not engeaging nor turning over the engine, or that the starter motor turns over the engine but does not result in internal combustion?
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    If there's no battery maybe a capacitor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trail Woman View Post
    If there's no battery maybe a capacitor?
    Thinking the same

    How strong is the spark?

    Sparkplug getting wet?
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    Did you pinch the wires when you put the side of the case back on?

    When you kick it, close the throttle and hold it closed -- start with it closed and if that doesn't work then just a tiny teeny bit open. If you open the throttle it is very difficult to start.
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    Alright I've just gotten back around to messing with this thing. I have replaced the battery, I currently have the headlight removed but the turn signals neutral light and whatnot turn on.
    I will check the title also when I get home but it may be an 89.
    I'll post pics tomorrow morning before work.

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