Cylinder Head Oil Leak Question
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Thread: Cylinder Head Oil Leak Question

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    Cylinder Head Oil Leak Question

    Hi, Just signed on here and looking for some advice. Have a 2012 new to us TW200 we just brought home last night. (just under 5000 KM on it). Bike looks to be in great shape and runs nicely but after getting it home last night and trying it out a bit we noticed a fair bit of oil on the front of the cylinder. Cleaned it up and I am having trouble locating source of leak (specifically) It looks to be just below and to the left (when sitting on the bike) side of the tappet cover on the front of engine (so flowing downhill of that cover when bike is on kickstand). But after cleaning it up and running it a bit it doesn't look like its clearly coming from that cover, almost looks like a little further back inside between the fins.

    Wondering if that is probably just an illusion and it is the O-ring leaking and just the way the oil moves along the head or do I maybe have a crack in the cylinder head that is the source of the leak. Is that possible without causing poor performance.

    We have hardly used it but It sounds like it is running good (I think, first time with a tw 200 but have some experience with an xt250)

    any advice on this? Thanks a lot.

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    Clean the area with some brake cleaner and compressed air then run it and watch closely where comes from. Seems unlikely that the head would be cracked unless someone messed up. More likely to be a nicked or pinched o ring.
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    It's quite likely that it is coming from the exhaust tappet cover. Over time, the oval O-rings compress and flatten. I usually replace the exhaust O-ring about every 5,000 miles/4 years and the intake at about 8,000. Remove the cover and pull the O-ring and inspect for roundness.
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    Another little trick, when you get it clean and dry-just like a baby- put some baby powder on the area. Helps to spot those leaks. Baking soda would work as well.

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    Don't do this! It doesn't work.

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