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    I have a BW350 that needs a new carb and was wondering if someone knew the dimensions of a Tw200 carb? Both specs say that these bikes come with a 28mm TK so I am hoping they will swap. I need the height, width, as well as the two intake outer dimensions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    My 1994 TW200 (should be same as all pre-2001 TW's) measures as follows:

    140-150mm tall

    91.5mm overall face to face

    42mm OD large side

    34mm OD small side

    Hope that helps.

    I had a BW350 a few years back, put an edelbrock carb on it that I really liked. Don't think they are available any more.... Loved my BW350 so much I built one out of a CRF450R... FUN FUN FUN!!

    fatcat 450r video

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    Another option is the left carb from an XT350. Identical to your BW350 carb, same stock pilot and main. The only difference is the float bowl because the right carb shares bowls with the left carb on an XT. If you can't find a deal on a TW carb you can just swap float bowls.

    Stock jets for your carb are obsolete from Yamaha, but I've found a few leftovers on dealer's shelves. Hang onto yours. The main is a #125 and IIRC the pilot is a #42. Both can be swapped into the TW carb, as well.

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