Cam Chain Tensioner Defective on New 2018
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Thread: Cam Chain Tensioner Defective on New 2018

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    Cam Chain Tensioner Defective on New 2018

    Just replaced the CCT on my 2018 TW200 at 570 miles. It had developed a horrible rattle that lasted maybe 5 ~ 10 seconds after a cold start.

    The rattle started at just over 200 miles during the break-in period and I waited to see if it would go away, assuming the tensioner pawl was stuck and would eventually ratchet over to the next tighter notch. It only got worse and I knew something was wrong as my other bikes with spring-loaded tensioners never made this clatter. I chose to replace the tensioner rather than risk a slack chain jumping a sprocket tooth and lose timing, or worse.

    I ordered a new OEM spring-loaded tensioner, Part No. 3GC-12210-10 and replaced its gasket as a matter of course. There are aftermarket manual tensioners available and you just have to remember to check and adjust them periodically. The automatic version needs no maintenance when itís working properly and only needs removal to ratchet and lock fully retracted when itís time for a new cam chain.

    My repair should have been a warranty claim but the hassle of trailering the bike to the dealer and trying to reproduce the noise was not worth it. Itís an easy DIY job as long as you take precautions to line up the TDC marks on flywheel and cam sprocket and wire the chain so it doesnít jump loose when the tensioner is removed. Now the engine starts and runs smoothly again. The picture shows the original tensioner locked fully retracted.
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    Thats crazy it would fail like that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZacoWacko View Post
    Thats crazy it would fail like that...
    Crazy perhaps, but not unheard of in other bike models. I havenít pulled the original tensioner apart yet to check the rack and pawl for any obvious defect to show the dealer. Maybe then they might cover my part cost but the general policy is Yamaha will not honor any warranty claim unless the repair is done by an authorized dealer.

    The original TW200 had a manual tensioner but that part wonít fit later models due to mounting differences. Basically, if you donít have a persistent mechanical clatter from a loose cam chain I wouldnít worry about it. Folks here have gone many thousands of miles without any problems so itís not like the TWís automatic tensioner is a weak design.

    I once had a 650cc single-cylinder Suzuki LS650 Savage that had a much longer cam chain with an over stressed tensioner. After 10,000 miles or so the tensioner would extend so much the plunger would fall out of its housing!

    Anyway, hereís one site for more general information about mechanical (not hydraulic) tensioners:
    About Tensioners
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    Good for you to recognize that was a potential death rattle and for doing the work yourself. Cheers
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    Wonder if my rattle issue on my bike is a defective tensioner, I hear this rattle in the engine at high RPMs. how can it be checked?

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