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    I have 15,500 miles and am beginning to wonder about the little jets in the old carb. How long might I expect these to last?

    What are tell-tale signs??

    I've never adjusted anything, never added shims or unscrewed screws - all stock from day one. I'm one of the lucky folks at 4500 feet that doesn't have to

    There is a bit of gas weeping out of the carb, seems typical for this many miles.

    Any suggestions? Should I pull 'er apart and take a peek?



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    check the carb cleaning tutorial- its a real good one on here.

    gas weeping? depends where?

    out the overflows? then your float, float pin, or float hieght need looking at.

    out the body of the carb? buy a set of gaskets and o rings. refresh those suckers!

    You should also give the whole carb and jets a clean.
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