Cant figure out charging issue, weird readings
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    Ill start off by saying, when it comes to wiring I have no clue what I am doing. I have an '89 that was given to me that I just recently fixed up and got running and I am now trying to work out all the kinks. My battery is fairly new and after riding it a bit it wouldnt start anymore.

    I noticed the headlight would get brighter when I first rev it then quickly dim again.

    So I have attempted to follow the troubleshooting diagram in the manual and I either just have no idea how to use my multimeter or I am getting some weird readings.

    So here are my readings on the battery after being charged and then used for a bit:

    Ignition off: 12.3

    Ignition on: 11.8

    Idle: 12.2

    Mid range RPM: 13.3

    High range RPM: 12.1

    After that I attempted to check the resistance, I pulled the plug with the 3 white wires and did the check to see if they were between 0.32 - 0.39 as it said in the manual.

    when first testing it, on all of the leads I got readings of 1.1 and then after holding it on it would slowly go down to about 0.5.

    Im I just reading it wrong? its a new multimeter and the first digital one I have owned so I am in the process of understanding how it works, but I cant seem to get it to read anything different.

    Any suggestions?

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    I don't have an answer but did you solve the problem? I have close to the same problem.

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    I never saw that other post but did see yours today.

    A fully charged battery should read 12.6-12.8 V and a battery that reads 12.3 is severely discharged, like 75%.

    So his original problem was likely a dead battery. You should put the battery on a charger no higher than a 2 amp output and test the voltage about a half hour after it is fully charged (to allow the surface charge to dissipate and not give a falsely high reading), or, after it is fully charged, get it load tested to see if it's any good. You can't analyze any other problems unless the battery is good. And running the bike for 10-15 min at idle will not charge the battery and is detrimental to the engine. You must take it out for a half hour ride or so to get any significant amount of "juice" into the battery.

    It's usually the simple things you have to correct first in solving a problem and not look for something exotic and less likely to fail.

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    +1 on the load test.

    That, more than anything will tell you what condition your battery is in. You should remove the battery from the bike for testing.

    Like this:

    - Check battery voltage with nothing connected.

    - With meter still hooked to battery add a "load" (spare headlight bulb, small compressor)

    - Watch battery voltage when "load" is connected; should drop slightly, but then recover when load is removed.

    - If voltage drops below 10V or doesn't recover...your battery is toast.
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