Running on straight Ethanol Or E85?
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    Ok so my question is how much would it take to run a bike on pure ethanol or e85? I assume new fuel hoses would be in order. Bt what about parts inside the carb? up sizing the jets at least 20% to compensate?

    I am well informed of the draw backs and some loss of performance and loss of mpgs. That i can handle and am fine with.

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    May need to get one of those ignition replacement kits so you can advance the timing.

    Changing every o-ring & gasket in carb to alcohol resistant ones

    Alcohol has a higher compression ratio than gas so a higher compression piston would be a big help along with jetting changes

    Also E85 will wash lubrication off the engine's cylinder walls, So find a motorcycle oil compatible with E85 & that has a good acid neutralizer. (Ethanol is slightly acidic)

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    Is this in a TW? If so I would highly suggest against it as the engine is air cooled. At minimum larger jets would be required along with new fuel lines and filter. The carb would probably need new seals most likely. Also I'm not entirely sure about the seal in the intake valve would cope with the alcohol. Pure ethanol would probably not work in the engine at all, E85 would be the better of the 2. Spark plug type could be changed and ignition timing could be advanced to reclaim some lost power, but your engine is going to get really hot, so an oil-cooler will probably become necessary. Ultimately I would steer clear of it in this installation.

    Typically, E85 works well in higher compression or forced induction engines. It has a higher Octane rating than most available fuels and allows a better safety margin from pre-ignition so you can generate horsepower more efficiently (may not be the best word for it) from a given engine.

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    Three words........................................ "DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth it... OMM.

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