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    Here is an update on my bike stalling issue. I posted almost 4 weeks ago that I went through a little water while off-roading, nothing spectacular or deep . Bike stalled and I could not get it back up running (no spark). After I could not find a solution, I got a mechanic to look at it. After a few days of testing he thought that the pulser coil was faulty. Now, here is the bad part living on an island. It took me until Wednesday to get the part. Could not find a dealer in the US that had it in stock. Anyhow, finally it arrived and the mechanic installed it and well....I am back on my bike!!!! Very happy!!!

    Here is the question, I bought the bike new (2010 model, now 11k miles on it) about 16 months ago. Does anybody else experienced problems with the pulser coil? I thought the water crossing caused the problem but the mechanic said he doesn't think so because he could not see any pinched wire or insulation damage and the coil itself was still very well sealed. Please let me know if anybody else had a problem similar to mine

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    As I recall, there have been a couple of postings in the last few months that were pulser coil problems, but they were on much older bikes than yours.

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    Never had a problem riding through water.

    In this part of the world it can be a problem to get spare parts.

    Most of the time I order from this site, in the USA and get the parts in 2-3 weeks

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