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    I got an '87 as a parts bike with another bike i bought. I would like to get the 87 running just to use on trails. No lights of any kind are needed. I know the '87 is an unusual model in the electrical field. I havent really checked to see how much of the wiring is still left. Is it possible to use a wiring harness form another year and make it work with the '87, just to make it run? The electric start isnt needed either.

    It really is a bare bike, no plastic, tank, seat, carb etc.... clutch and gear shifter seemed to work, spark plug broke off but at the metal hex part, but the plug should be able to some out. Ill post pic later today.

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    Didnt get pics, sorry. I did try to turn the engine over by removing the sparkplug, and leaving the bike in gear and attempting to roll it. Nothing happened. I assume the engine is locked up, so this might just be a dead horse im beating.

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    There is a 87 on south ga. craigslist that is taken apart and for sale.

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    Most likely a case of kickstanditis. Bikes that have been sitting for long periods can rust the rings to the cylinder walls. It's usually not a good idea to run a motor like that without removing the head and cylinder to check the bore, but they can often be freed up enough to get them apart and save them.

    Remove the plug. Pour about 1/4 cup of Marvel Mystery oil down the spark plug hole and go away for at least a day.

    Remove the valve covers and squirt some oil far enough back to hit the cam lobes.

    Then pull the crankshaft nut cover. Bump it slightly BY HAND if it will move, then let it sit. If it moves don't be tempted to kick it through just yet. Let it sit for awhile, move the crank a few degrees, repeat.

    Be patient and resist the temptation to use the kicker or electric starter and you may get lucky and have a motor that will only need new rings and a light honing to be good as new. Force it and you'll have a useless brick.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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