bought a 1987 Yamaha tw 200 bought need helppp!!
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    Hello guys. I am New to the forum. Greetings From Puerto Rico!

    I recently bought my first Tw it was running when i bought it. got it home put a new battery and tried to start it. (When i got it from the seller he push started it because it had no battery or kick start). When i cranked it i turn over the motor slowly and got a back fire. after that tried to push start her and it was a no go the engine locked up I think.?? (when i got het rolling vas down a hill trew second gear and the tire locked almost fell of the bike )

    Any recommendations for a beginner on motorcycle on what to check first.

    Thanks for looking

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    i don't want to bear bad news, and i'm no expert, but the 1st red flag is it's a 1987. those have a one-year electrical system that is notorious for problems. good luck!

    here's some past threads that sound similar:
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