87 starting problems
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    have a 87 that I,ve put 3k on and has always been a hard starter. Almost impossible to kick start unless warm.

    have set the idle air jet at 3 turns out and it starts ok on the electric start with minimal choke in normal temperatures.

    still hard to kick start. jetted it 2 steps richer to 118 main, runs very well.

    Now at the 30 degree to 40 it is very hard to start and I need to put the choke on and crank a while with throttle then back off and it will sometimes start. it does not want to keep running and seems to flood out very easily need to use starting fluid after it sits for a while.

    5-40 rotella in it. and no air leaks that I can find.

    any ideas.


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    Hope one of these links helps



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    thanks for the links.

    does anyone have a blow by blow for the kick start procedure?


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