Ethel caught fire!
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Thread: Ethel caught fire!

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    Ethel caught fire!

    Went for a quick cruise after fixing my sticky rear brake light switch. Tested fine until I stopped to talk with my son and smelled something hot. Try getting neutral and couldn't find it (no "N"). I shut it down in gear, hoped off and the spring from the rear brake lever to the switch looked like an incandescent filament. Screaming red and the switch is literally on fire now. I swear shutting off the bike didn't help but the now maluble spring straightened and fell. Put out the fire, "n" light returned and I rode home. I mean like what the hell? I know it was a dead short but how could I screw up that switch just pulling the pin out. Why did it work fine for 10 minutes?

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    I wish I could shed some valuable light on this but the best I can come up with is either Gremlins or Possessed....maybe both? Hoping you get it sorted out soon!
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    I would have assumed that a short of such a high current flow should have blown the TW's main fuse before the stated incandescent spring symptoms occurred. Fuse rating bears looking into, may be faulty or of incorrect nominal amperage.
    There is never anything wrong with adding additional aftermarket fuse protection for any suspicious circuitry. One of my bikes has three additional fuses for various accessories but similar fuses could also protect existing Yamaha wiring runs.
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    There is always a first. Haven’t heard this one before.
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    Bare wire grounding out to frame? Or perhaps the contacts inside the switch have become fused? Be interesting to take it apart and find out.

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    Dammitt Cordelia, turn it off. My nipples is smokin'.
    Sorry. I read that, and a "Tales from the Crypt" moment popped in my sick little head.
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    Fred, where are they?
    Were they problem fixers or problem preventors?

    ...One of my bikes has three additional fuses for various accessories...
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    Here is another. The heat treated and stretched spring is still in my son's pack.
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    Until we know the value of the fuse on the bike – “resistance” is futile

    As for the fuses on Freds bike, in my opinion, the one controlling the after burners is set too low ……
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