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Thread: Clutch Life

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    Clutch Life

    How many miles are you all getting out of clutch plates? Mine isn't slipping yet. I was curious. Are there 4 or 5 fibers and I'm assuming the metal plates are steel as opposed to aluminum? I try to be gentle with the clutch as there isn't a need to abuse it like a mx bike clutch. I'm pulling tall gearing and I don't want to slip in 5th when I'm riding it at speeds I shouldn't be.
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    I can't help you with a clutch life estimate.
    But by using heavy duty stiffer clucth springs, like the ones EBC makes, you will prolong clutch life.

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    Because of the low horsepower of the TW200.... The clutch should last a very long time unless it is seriously abused !!
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    The clutch in my first TW started slipping a little bit so I first installed shims on the clutch springs and when it started to slip again I installed heavy duty springs. Both fixes worked for a while but eventually it needed a new clutch. I went with the Barnett Kevlar clutch. Cost twice as much as the cork one and worth every penny. That TW now has a total of 32K miles on it. I think I installed the Barnett around 25K miles but that was after I used Shell Rotella oil.

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    34000kms on my 99 with 15/47 gearing and never an issue and I don't baby it.

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