Shrinking carb boot
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    Shrinking carb boot

    Has anyone else had this happen?
    I replaced the airbox on my 91 tdub, and when I tried to replace the carb boot it was too short.
    I then checked my 87 and it is barely on the carb.
    So I will be ordering another one for that also.
    I fiddled with it for awhile before concluding that it must have shrunk.
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    Plastics lose their oils(hope I am saying it the right way) and dry over time and i suppose the lose a little mass at the same time.
    Is this boot(the left one) for pre 2000(or 2001,don't recall right now)TW's? Because with the newer carb models the boot is also different.

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    Yep! Been there. I spent a long time trying to make the old one work before I bought a new one.

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    Not only do these boots shrink which IMO has more to do with gasoline fumes attacking the rubber itself but they tend to become hard as a rock over time and lose their ability to make a proper seal even if you can stretch it far enough. This may sound rather stupid but especially for those with older Pre 2001 bikes and the old style carbs, I recommend you buy a few of these boots while they are still available and keep them wrapped in a zip lock bag and cool dark place. When Yamaha decides to quit producing this part you will be very glad you did. My 1987 BW350 has a very similar carb to air box boot and they are gone from this world. An after market private company does now make the engine side boot that is also no longer available from Yamaha but keeping these dinosaur bikes running is for sure going to be a challenge. Just a quick look on the parts supplier sites and you will see "Part is no longer available" or "Part Discontinued". This is the case with all 4 of the sprockets on the BW350 machines and many of the other critical parts and you can be very sure it will be the case with older TWs in the not too distant future.

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