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    I'm sure this has been gone over a million times but searching for a 3 letter work like CDI doesn't work well so please forgive the question. I gather the 87 can be problematic and that its CDI was a one year only model. What is the issue with its CDI? What are the options for fixing one? There is an 87 for sale reasonably locally.

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    The cdi was faulty on that first year model. It can cause all sorts of problems from mid range stumble to complete failure. Once a cdi starts showing signs of going bad the only option is to replace it. They still make the 87' cdi's so there isn't a supply problem, just a money problem. Shelling out a couple hundred sucks! Personally I would pass on an '87 and look for an 88-00. I am very biased toward those years not only because I own a '94 but because they had the more reliable electrical system than the '87 and a kick start the later models lose. JMO though- plenty of '87s out there goin strong.
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    Nice job Rainman. One stop shopping.

    I posted this somewhere, but I chased a carb problem for a while, like many others, then had a mechanic look at it who then diagnosed the CDI issue. That was before I read the wealth of info here, as RAinman has been kind enough to link. Typically mine would start but not really idle and then kill much above idle. Maybe best described as sputtering. Then there were times it would run most normally for a short ride, then back to its sputtering so inconsistent. Now over 1,200 miles after the new CDI (~$250 shipped) I only have a slight stumble when off throttle, but otherwise runs extremely well. The advice to get a later year is probably good, but I lucked out and bought an 1987 for only a few hundred, so am very happy even after spending the money on a mechanic and the CDI. But then the odo read less than 1,000 miles. Maybe accurate or maybe the odo was unhooked for a while. I'm happy either way as I think I still have less into this one than I can sell it for. The later electoral systems are probably a must if you want to run a gps or something.
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    I have two '87's and so far they are good (knock on wood).
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    Thanks for the replies. This 87 is listed for $1200 so I'll pass on it.

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