Put a procycle air filter in - now runs rich or lean?
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    I put a high flow filter in from procycle.

    Now my bike is slightly out of tune, it was perfectly in tune before. I can't decide if it's rich or lean. I'd think a high flow filter would make it lean but I think it's rich!


    Harder to start cold - needs throttle to start. Enricher helps slightly.

    Idle is all over the place. Over run on closing throttle. I have to bump up the idle screw for the first 15 mins of riding.

    Engine stalls randomly when cold.

    Engine does NOT stall or stumble on quick throttle openings.

    Smell of unburnt gas noticed today (classic rich symptom)

    I need to drill out the pilot screw cap to tweak it or perhaps just throw the filter away and put an oem one back in.

    Can't say I'd recommend the air filter at this stage.

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    I'd do the pilot screw first , even if you go back to the stock filter, it should run even better properly adjusted. I've got a good amount of time changing jets, adjusting etc, to get it "just right", different gas can make a difference though, depending on how picky you want to get.

    On the other hand, your experience does seem to prove a difference in air flow.

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    Just because its aftermarket, doesn't always make it better. I'm not bashing the company that makes and/or sells it. The filter may work with your bike with some carb tweaks, but why? Why tweak the carb when it was already running just fine?

    I'm glad you posted up your results. It will show others why to do/not to do.

    I'd put the OEM filter back in and make sure the aftermarket filter is the culprit. If it is, I'd run the OEM one.
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    I just went for a ride yesterday with the HiFlo air filter purchased from procycle. Did about 90 miles, paved and dirt, elevation from about 2800ft to 3500ft and didn't experience any of the issues you are talking about. It was about 50 out when I started it (fahrenheit), and she started up just fine. Honestly, I didn't notice any change in the bikes performance at all. I'd agree with KWizard though, swap back to your original filter and see how the bike reacts before digging into your carb.

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    tw200sgp, please do swap back and forth between the Hi-Flo and the OEM (cleaned as mentioned above) and share your results.

    What oil did you use to oil it? Is it possible you have too much oil on it? Was your old oem one very thin and worn out or had no oil on it? Just asking the simple questions first.

    The Hi-Flo brand filter has been very popular in Europe, they are new to the US but not a new product.

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    Is there any oil in the clear drain tube under the airbox.?

    I also have the aftermarket oem style air filter. I have not noticed any changes.

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