HELP!!! Chain Jumped And Scuffed My Beautiful Swing Arm, Rear Hub & Sprocket
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Thread: HELP!!! Chain Jumped And Scuffed My Beautiful Swing Arm, Rear Hub & Sprocket

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    HELP!!! Chain Jumped And Scuffed My Beautiful Swing Arm, Rear Hub & Sprocket

    Hi everyone -

    A real bummer! My chain jumped off the sprocket, it looks like it was due to a loose chain and for some reason the "snail" adjuster plates were set to different numbers, and scuffed up my sprocket, the rear hub and the swing arm. I know it shouldn't, but it really bugs me. Especially since this is my dad's bike and he is passed away. It was weird... I went over the tiniest bump and the chain jumped. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can buff out the scuffs/scratches? A new rear hub and sprocket are $200-$300 and I was hoping not to have to buy the new parts. Also, to change out the rear hub looks a little daunting. I did buy a new chain because the chain got tweaked. I appreciate any comments that could help me get this beautiful bike looking good again. Thanks in advance! This bike was bought used with only a few miles on it and is a 2013 if that info is needed. Take care!
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    Sketchy...the snail adjusters being off would allow an easy derail in itself. If the scratches are very very minimal then a buffing compound and chamois, but it is likely deep and for the swing arm it sounds like you need some bondo body fill, sand, prime, repeat, and paint. If you can match the color then you can just focus on the area that is damaged.

    I don't think I'd worry about anything cosmetic for the sprocket since it will be replaced eventually.

    I had my chain derail once and the only noticeable damaged seems to be a crack in the engine case above the front sprocket....I noticed it long after but I can't see any other reason for it being there.
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    Sorry bud. I can see why you would want to keep it pristine being your Dad’s bike. With some work, the swingarm can be removed and might be easier to touch up or repaint.

    This is a good reminder that any pre-purchase inspection should include an examination of the snail adjusters. If someone tightened the axle without matching the snails, there could be other odd things going on.
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    In my experience, matching the snails results in a rear axle that does not true up with the swing arm bolt. This probably doesn't have anything to do with the chain jumping off the sprocket, but when it's all back together it's worth checking since an out of true rear axle will result in sprocket wear on one side.
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    I used Rustoleum Hammered to paint my swingarm. It is silver and a very durable paint.
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    Agree with Ken, repaint for the cosmetics even if not a perfect match. Your father should understand.

    With some disassembly the swingers, wheel, snails and sprocket could all be media blasted and some then powder coated at many all-in-one coating service shops.
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    I'm sure everyone here will think this is overkill...and it might be because we don't have any pictures of the extent of the damage but...

    If it's bad, having it powdercoated would really make it look brand new. I do swing arms and frames for guys all of the time. It's really no big deal at all. It would be submerged in stripper, rinsed, blasted for profile, a conversion coating would be applied, and then the top coat.

    Once again, it could be that what was already mentioned might be good enough.

    Let us know how it goes!

    LOL...guess Fred was typing while I was.

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    Pix Bro, we need pix!
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    Actually you got off pretty easy. 30 Years ago the chain on my XT 500 flew off and knocked a big chunk out of my crankcase. That was a big repair job but I learned a valuable lesson, as i'm sure you have too.
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    thanks everyone for the replies and help! Much appreciated!

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