TTR225 gas tank?
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    TTR225 gas tank?

    New to this forum and couldn't find anything about this particular swap.
    I found a relatively cheap plastic gas tank from a ttr225 and was wondering
    if anyone has tried to install one of these on their TW? If so, was it a pain in the butt
    or possibly something simple? Thanks in advance for any advise on this!

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    Looks to be as feasible as its kissing cousin, the XT225's, tank installation on a TW.
    I installed a OEM metal XT225 tank without any issues following guidelines I found using "Search" and "Similar Threads" on this forum. However the TTR doesn't get much mention here so I have no real knowledge.
    The 2.6 gallon capacity does sound attractive.
    I would be tempted to try it with the understanding that getting the TW side panels to fit up against the plastic tank might require creativity. For instance I have piece of soft copper wire lightly tying together and pulling in the pointed tips of left and right side panel on a 4 salon plastic tank equipped TW. This keeps my pants from snagging on any protruding plastic.

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    Thanks for the info, not sure whether to go Clarke tank as I don't know how well it will take paint(hate the clear plastic) or go with something I have to modify.

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    The Clarke has a couple color options. I've seen complains that the mold is kind of rough and the panels don't always line up for everyone, but I'll probably take the gamble at some point. So long as I can make it fit and it doesn't leak I'd be okay with it. Hard to say how long they'll last but I've had 40 year old plastic tanks that don't leak so there's hope. The TTR does seem like a good upgrade, especially as they're kinda cheap if you come by one, but from what I can tell they don't fit the XT225 perfectly so it would surely take some adapting to get it to fit ours. Worth a try if you find a price you can resell at.
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