Source Coil Resistance damage
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Thread: Source Coil Resistance damage

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    Source Coil Resistance damage

    Hello friends!

    My motorcycle turned off and I can not turn it on again, I opened the motor to check the stator, and I checked the resistances of the source coils, charge coil, and pickup coil.
    the source coil of my tw200 nc 2001 does not show resistance.

    my question is: can I send power from the battery to the CDI directly so that my motorcycle turns on?

    The other coils are within the range set by the manufacturer.

    thanks for your help!

    Greetings from Mexico

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    Lo siento,mala suerte. I believe a working stator is required to feed power to your CDI and ignition coil, otherwise no spark. Others can give more accurate diagnostic info but depending on the year your source coils should have about 400 to 450 ohms. No resistance means a short circuit.
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    Thanks for your reply,
    I think the only option is the replacement, there is no visible damage, but reading in my multimeter in null.
    I wish you a safe ride always.

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    Are you sure you have your ohmmeter on the correct scale? No resistance would indicate a shorted coil (zero ohms) . Infinite resistance would indicate and open circuit.
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