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Thread: First tw200

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    First tw200

    Hey everyone,

    So i bought my first tw200. I think i got a steal on 1987. It look roughed on the out side but as we started getting into it i think i may have lucked out. Rear breaks are clean on the inside and now moving. Chain is rusty but is still moving once pine cone was removed from front sprocket. Engine is holding compression. Will be replacing all cables and carb. Pulled the spark plug cylinder is smooth. Head has some carbon build up nothing some sea foam cant handle. Exhaust is mostly rusted out. Fuel tank is still holding what use to be gasoline.

    Key on bike and gas tank seemed to be rusted and stuck on the mechanisms, any suggestions?

    Yall have any other suggestions on things to look out for in this bike. Not as worried about electronics as it will just be trail for now. Will have to get a title before it goes on the road. Last time it was registered in 1987 in cali. Vin came back clean.
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    Hey Garfield,

    Congratulations (I think?) on the new bike, and welcome to the forum. It looks like you have the right attitude regarding resurrecting your '87 TW. The good news is that TW parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive, the bad news is that the '87 is the first model year for TW's and the electrics are unique to just that one year.

    Here is a good thread by GaryL that may be of some help to you:

    Good luck and just reach out here if you get stuck or need some help.

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    Congrats and welcome to the forum. I recommend vinegar for the gas tank. Fill it to the brim and let it sit for a few days. Shake it every time you’re near it. If the tank doesn’t leak pour out the vinegar and look inside. If it’s still messy repeat with more vinegar or move on to acetone. Once it’s clean, if you’re not gonna be filling it with gas right away put a cup or so of WD40 or similar and cap it and shake to coat the innards. If you notice a leak, some can be repaired.

    For the ignition and tank locks, I spritzed WD40 in the slots. That helped free them up. But I took the ignition cylinder apart and cleaned and lubed everything I could get at. Works pretty good now.

    Good luck getting it up and running again. Depending on your state, getting a title can be cumbersome.

    Couldn’t agree more about GaryL’s bike resurrection write-up. Lots of things I hadn’t thought of and important steps I would have missed or messed up.
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    Thanks for info! Will look through the thread. Was on here last night researching before making a decision.

    We are taking this project one step at a time and ensuring we can get it running before diving completly into it.

    Im pretty handy when it comes to electronics. My repair specility is in that area. The bike was being ran with electronics about 5 years ago. So im hoping they may have already fixed that problem. If all else fails i will replace the entire system. Lousiana doesnt appear to bad to get a bonded title.

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    An '87 last registered in '87. Good Karma.
    Congrats, welcome and good on you bringing it back to life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfield2230 View Post
    Hey everyone,
    So i bought my first tw200. I think i got a steal on 1987. ....
    I hope you stole it, looks like a lot of work, but quite doable!
    Looks like you will need a new seat! I just happen to have a brand new unused 2018 seat for sale. Nobody wanted it last summer so I waited 6 months. PM me if interested.
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    Try your favorite penetrating oil & vibration on the key and lock cylinders. If frozen parts are heated then sometimes as they cool they pull the penetrating oil in deeper. No blowtorch around the gas tank, of course. Just a bit of judicious heat application like from a soldering iron on the key shank/key cylinder, then spray with penetrant , wiggle key and wait a bit.
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    What Fred sed.
    I've had luck with penetrating oil, then insert the key and gently tap the back end of the key. Sometimes it will jar the tumblers loose. ...gently...

    I'm also working on an old, abused '87. I ended up replacing the CDI and all was good.
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    Will try on the penetrating oil. Ordered new carb for it. Will pick up a new spark too. Thoughts on purchasing new starter coil and stator or will the starter coil run hooked up directly to a 12v?

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    ** Note on my previous post*** purely testing to ensure engine is still solid. Once I confirm engine is good. I have no problem getting a stator.

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