Valve cover oring dimensions
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Thread: Valve cover oring dimensions

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    Valve cover oring dimensions

    Anyone have some of the valve cover orings lying around that they could measure? Mine are leaking so I need to replace and just want to get from autoparts store rather than triple cost and wait from internet. I am contemplating taking the valve cover off at the store and bringing the o ring in with me 😆

    I suspect the mechanic is not using a torque wrench on everything. He replaced them free of charge last time but i noticed they started leaking a couple months later and when I adjust the valve clearance I found the front particularly to be flattened at the lower end which is where it’s leaking the most.

    Sadly it looks like I have to sell the bike soon so want to get it as dialed as possible. It’s real hard to let her go too many fun adventures. I am about 10000000000% sure there will be another TW in my future.

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    You could use the other valve cover oring that is not damaged or the valve cover at the store to find you a similar fit one.
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    Check your local Ace hardware or equivalent for # 2-140 o-rings. Take care not to over tighten and flatten o-rings upon reassembly, just seat a few more degrees beyond finger tight.
    You can also take a calve cover into the store with you for confirmation.
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    Thanks guys. I may have to pop the front cover off in the parking lot as the bike is really my only transport. As long as I can get the bolts past the frame/tank then we should be good. I will test at home and then go for it. I just hope the first place I try has them lol!

    Gonna go for Napa first then Ace which is actually just a couple minutes walk away now that I think about it! Thankfully 😅

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    So I have successfully, for now, fixed this issue for $1.99. Check the image below for specs. I found some o-rings that were close enough in size at Ace. I don’t know how long they will last in contact with oil since they’re not labeled for auto use or anything and are probably for plumbing. However, after stretching them a little and then fitting them into the valve cover caps and carefully placing/sliding the caps onto the engine while keeping the rings in the slots I was able to get it all bolted back together. Taking the advice not to over tighten we have been leak free for the last week or so and no depends needed 😉
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