New TW, is this choke knob right?
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Thread: New TW, is this choke knob right?

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    New TW, is this choke knob right?

    I just bought a new TW200. It’s a real pain to start. I’ve read everything I could find and the only thing I can figure is that the choke knob is not working properly...I hope, ha. It only pulls out about a quarter of an inch and will spring back if released. Is that right? Thanks for any help.

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    Mine will pull out all the way and stay there but with the slightest touch will retreat like a frightened turtle to that halfway mark until warmed up. Couple minutes then I push it in all the way.
    So 3 positions I guess, out all the way/half way/in.
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    Mine has 3 defined clicks. If you pull it really slow there's a 4th in there.

    Doesn't retract particularly fast. Gotta push on it.
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    Open the idle mixture screw to 2 1/2 turns -- fine tune it later if you think it is necessary. All your problems will be solved.
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    Real “technical” fix...just pulled on the choke knob a little harder, ha.

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    It's not really a choke knob, but an enricher circuit plunger handle. In other words, it opens another passage for more gas to get in and doesn't close a traditional choke plate. Yes, it should pull out with at least 2 defined detents and stay out in the fully open position. All above advice is good and valid. Congrats, and good luck with the new bike.
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    Unscrew the mechanism's plastic base from the carb aluminum body to see how it works if curious. Cute simple multi-stage detents should work and be self-explanatory when in your hand.
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    There should be two defined detents, and it should stick at either one. There's a "half" and "full". With a slight poke, it should retract.

    It's just a little plastic circlip thing (integrated into the black plastic "nut" that screws into the carb and holds the plunger) that provides the detents to hold it out. I'm sure as it ages the plastic wears out and doesn't hold the detents as well, especially with ethanol fuel. It slowly attacks/degrades most plastics not specifically designed to be resistant to it, so it wouldn't surprise me after a decade or two the choke knob doesn't stay out any more.

    But yeah, opening the pilot screw to ~2.5 turns will make the bike much easier to start, and warm up much faster. In warmer weather you probably won't need the choke at all. It's hidden under a little anti-tamper plug on the bottom side of the carb. Drill a small hole in it, then pry the cover off. The adjustment screw is underneath.

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    While were on the choke question. Has anyone tried to add a choke cable and handle bar mount like other bikes. Loved it on my DR650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulfrider View Post
    While were on the choke question. Has anyone tried to add a choke cable and handle bar mount like other bikes. Loved it on my DR650.
    take alook on Procycle's site, they may have one. my xt225 had one
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