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    Switch mount

    I am in the process of putting some bling on my TW. I would like a waterproof USB port and at least 2 toggle switches. Unless I find a simple way, I am going to try and 3D print a mounting box that will go under the indicator light box. 30mm x 43mm x 54mm. Maybe just the box for switches and a waterproof USB screwed to the right side of the box. What is everyone else using for their auxiliary switches?

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    I use very simple handlebar mounted rocker switches color coded for use.. MrGizmo bike has 4, two per side. However there is a whole world of combination deluxe handlebar switch clusters that may solve your goals. Things like a pair of these, but better.
    5V/4.2A Dual USB Charger Socket Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp voltmeter Thermometer with on/off switch for Phones/Tablets/GPS


    Some do quite a multitude of tasks, might even be one that holds your toothbrush. Peruse the listings on e-bay or Amazon and you might find a combination cluster, or series of swiches
    Otherwise the custom under-binnacle box sounds great.
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