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Thread: quick question

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    quick question

    What is the purpose of that wire next to the the clutch wire that goes into the left handle (the clutch)....mines came off but doesn't seen to affect anything so far, think it might of came off when i installed my new risers...anybody?

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    Safety circuit on ignition system.

    If the bike is in gear, it won't start unless the clutch is disengaged. With that wire broken [circuit open] the bike will no longer start in gear even if you disengage the clutch.

    I'm guessing you've only tried starting it while in neutral, which is why you haven't noticed anything different.

    Since Yamaha uses an either/or setup- you'll be fine. Suzukis on the other hand require both to start.
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    Probably part # 21 here. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/ya...e-switch-lever

    Good to have if you ever stall out on a steep incline and need to fire it up while in gear.

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    The purpose of the electrical wire next to the clutch cable that goes into the clutch lever's perch is as described, another starter circuit safety interlock.. If indeed though the OP is talking about a second electrical wire it possibly is for a heated grip, not likely in Florida though. All good though, just adding a little less confusing terminology.
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