California canister
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    Finally figured out what this is - the canister! (See #3 in diagram.) From this thread, it seems like I can just take the thing off. Mine is broken anyway, the tubes that are supposed to go the gas tank are missing. I have little mechanical experience. Does anyone have tips on doing this? Anything I need to know?

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    Past canister threads

    TeeDub did this

    "This is a former CA model that has been modified. The gas tank vent came from under the right side of the tank and routed to a canister, which sent fuel back to the carb and provided a venting point.

    the canister had been removed, and the vent line had been cut off and plugged, out of sight. We routed a new vent line down to where it would have gone into that canister.

    I rode about 25 miles at 50-60mph, and another 40 or so miles on the trail @ 5-30 mph. A very simlilar route as the one that started this thread, with one major exception: No problems. "

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    Had to remove mine to make room for the lzrdbreath oil cooler. Haven't looked back.
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