Upgraded headlight and added Tusk heat - help
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Thread: Upgraded headlight and added Tusk heat - help

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    Upgraded headlight and added Tusk heat - help

    I installed the Jns headlight, Tusk Heated grips and Tusk heated seat. 2 issues I have. The rectifier seems very hot and some wires in a 3 wire harness right next to the rectifier (under the rubber boot) seem hot. I tapped into the green wire from the headlight as everything together was only supposed to draw as much as just the old headlight. Do I need relays? The seat heater came with a 5 wire relay but the switches and harness are all pre wired and heat shrunk. I tested the draw from everything at 7.2a the old headlight alone was 6.8 a
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    In a perfect world, I would use the 2 lighted handlebar mounted, 2 position rockers switches I have instead of the giant unmatched 3 position toggle switches it came with. I would have only one heat setting instead of 2. Can a anyone tell me if it can be done?
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    Well thanks all for the help. 😉. Turned out one of the wiring connectors had a bent leg. Only 2 of 3 wires running back to the seat heater were making contact. Wires and rectifier still seem hot but the wire may just be proximity to the rectifier. What a pain to figure out. I also have had to modify my cheapo acerbis clone handguards to use a bolt as both clamps are tapped big and screws have stripped on both sides.

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    "Well thanks all for the help. &#x1f609" -So sorry you had to wait a whole 13 hours after posting late on a Saturday night.

    It is not surprising that the 90 watts of upgrades were getting a few wires hot. Feel free to re-wire with heavier gauge wire and better quality switchgear plus divide the current load through as many relays as you like if you still distrust the wiring and solution enacted as described.
    For sustained operation you may wish to reduce some of the parasitic hotel loads that may be taxing your charging circuit's maximum output. The nominal output rating of the TW's stator system occurs only at higher RPMs and can be significantly less at lower engine speeds. Replacing the incandescent bulbs for both front running lights and the tailight with direct replacement LED bulbs can free up a lot of wattage yet also result in brighter lighting for safety concerns. The incandescent dash lights do not draw much wattage yet some also like to replace them with LED bulbs too.
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    Great help. . .

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