Rear swing arm question
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Thread: Rear swing arm question

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    Rear swing arm question

    Hey All,

    Fairly new to the TW and recently cleaned and re-greased the swing-arm bushings. When I put it back together, It is not moving as freely as I believe it should be. If I were to tighten it all the way, I could get enough friction that it wouldn't move at all. I looked up the torque settings, but want to know if at the torque specs this should move freely up and down (vertical) with no friction at all, or if some friction when moving it up and down is normal. Any insight or help is appreciated! Thank you all!

    - Connor

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    I can't answer your question, but I'm interested in knowing the answer.

    Someone will likely chime in here, shortly.
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    Hi coleary00 and welcome to the forum from Ontario Canada and congrats on your T-Dub! I'm afraid though just like CJ&Pilot I don't have the answer for you but hang tight there are a lot of very knowledgable people here who certainly know and will be happy to help you out.

    BTW Connor, post up where you are located and you might just have another forum member close is a small world when you ride a T-Dub!
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    I would try to identify where the binding, or excessive friction is occurring. I would disconnect shock as first step, then articulate swing arm and feel for any binding. Swingarm could be removed and make sure the seal cups are fully seated. Bushings could be trimmed for length if they are source for binding by causing the seal cups to be pushed too far out. I would test the pivot bolt in both swingarm by itself, and chassis & engine mounts by themselves (engine may have shifted if any some of the other 8 engine mounting related bolts are loose).

    If it seems the seals are binding one can always do away with the bushings & cup seals and go with 4 sealed bearings (call your local bearing vendor and give them the shaft O.D. and swing arm I.D.) Any lateral slop between swing arm and engine or between swing arm and frame can be shimmed during installation. I read of someone doing this on forum years ago with favorable results.
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    Thanks Fred. Will go through these diagnostics

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