Dual Cable Throttle?
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    I want to replace my grips, does the TW have single or dual cable throttle? I see two cables coming off it, but it also could be considered one wrapped around.

    These supposedly fit a 06 TW200, but the auction says " note the throttle tube only works with single throttle cable models, will not work with dual cable models."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Avi Kwame View Post
    does the TW have single or dual cable throttle?

    It's a dual throttle cable, one cable when you twist the grip towards you, one when you twist away from you or let go...(which is controlled by the spring)

    This is so that if one cable jams or the spring breaks, you still have positive shut down control.
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    That's what I thought, thanks. I wonder if I could just pull the grip off the tube...

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    Just buy some new grips! Do you really need a new throttle tube? The easiest way I have found to remove grips is to use wd-40 and slid the straw under the grip and squirt. The grip will just twist right off and you can wipe off the throttle tube and install your new grips. I really like progrips. They are a little longer than normal so you will have to cut them or do what I do and add a piece of tube to the end of yours as such:

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    i agree with palmstatecrawler wd40 works...or compressed air (like you would use to clean a computer) or an air compressor with a tube fixture is less messy and you don't have to worry about wiping everything down and your new grips not staying on...you probably don't need a new throttle tube...i run pro grips as well...like palm said they are a little long but on my pars it didn't matter too much...as far as putting on new grips you can use a grip glue...i use aerosol hairspray and just let it dry in the sun

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