Adjusting the Carb Float
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    Good afternoon guys, sorry for another question. Bike is running great after the tune-up I gave it. Leak is stopped for the most part after rebuilding the petcock and needle valve & assembly. However, now I need to adjust my float level to completely stop it. I know in the '01+ supplement on pg39 it says to "slightly bend the float tang." Exactly which one is the tang? The tab that it rests on or the two prongs that hold it in place? Which way do I bend it? Thanks

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    There is a tab resting on the needle valve, that is what you bend. The wording is confusing if you've not done it before. Away from the valve to lower the level and vise versa.
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    When you look at it still attached to the carb you can see the piece that hits the top. This stops the floats from raising any higher and pushes the float valve up stopping gas flow. Bend it up so that it will allow hit the top earlier allowing less gas to "fill" the bowl.
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    Thanks guys! I'll work on that this evening.

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