Quick trip to the Mountains, Jetting advice
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    Quick trip to the Mountains, Jetting advice

    Hey all,

    Dad and I are squeezing in a spontaneous trip to northern NM, looks like we will be riding between 6k and possibly up 12k (thinking mostly between 6-10k). I didnít have time to order new jets, so trying to find a best option from what we have.

    My bike first ó itís a hollow mod, with DG exhaust, at sea level in Texas. She likes a 132 main. What I have on hand for the trip are 130 and 126.

    Advice on how many sizes to drop based on a 6-10k elevation change?

    Dadís bike is mostly stock, running a 130 main at sea level. I installed a 126 and hoping thatís sufficient, itís all we have.

    If we need to, we might be able to find a stocking Yamaha dealer in transit along Route, but our local Yamaha dealer has nothing in stock.

    What what do you guys think?


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    The 126 should work OK between 6 and 10K for both of you, although you will lose some power. At 12K, the bike will still start and run, but you will be limited to the lower three gears. For a short trip, don't worry.....if you lived at that elevation a 118 would be the jet of choice.
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