1992 tw200 Jet sizes
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Thread: 1992 tw200 Jet sizes

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    1992 tw200 Jet sizes

    Hi. Back again after a couple years and buying a tw200 again. Couldn’t stay away I guess. Well I got around to taking the carb apart and the jets were pitted and nasty to a point where I couldn’t see what size the jets were. Can anyone tell me what the standard jet sizes are for this year’s carburetor? Also, is shimming the needle and larger mains also recommended? I’m running the same stock exhaust and air filter. Thanks!!

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    Look here, too.
    jbfla's most excellent carb photos...

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    Start with new stock jets before experimenting. I bet that is all you will need. #114 main #40 pilot
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    Got the bike running with the stock jets. Similar to my 1998 tw that I sold, the bike bogs just as I give it throttle. I still have some shims so I'm going to add 2 to the needle. My question is, do I need to up the #40 pilot jet? Also, at cold start up, I don't have to pull the choke. I assume this means it is running rich which means I would need to screw the idle jet in. It's at 2.5 turns out. Would appreciate any advice before I start buying things.


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    Since you can't tell exactly what the pilot jet is, replacing it with the stock #40 would be a cheap test if you didn't already do that. 2.5 turns out would be normal, but try 2 turns and see if it has any effect on the bogging. Depending on whether it's bogging because it is a bit lean or because it is a bit too rich, the two shims could make it worse or better. The shims start to have an effect right off idle, so don't try adjusting both the pilot needle or the shims at the same time. Obviously it's much simpler and faster to fiddle with the pilot needle, you can do it right on the side of the road between test runs. Don't burn yourself!!!!!

    I used 2 turns out on my 2010 at 5 to 6,000 feet, and one shim. On the 2018, no shims and 2 turns out. I can't tell any difference.

    I would also have a REALLY careful look at the air filter, the air box, and the snorkel with a very bright flashlight.
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