Aftermarket Jetting Kits for 1987 TW200
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Thread: Aftermarket Jetting Kits for 1987 TW200

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    Aftermarket Jetting Kits for 1987 TW200

    I live at 7,000 feet elevation and bought a 1987 TW200 that came from 5,000 feet elevation. The stock carburator currently has a 40 pilot jet and a 114 main jet. The fuel adjustment screw in front of the venturi has no effect on getting the bike in my attempts to just get it to sucessfully idle. Any attempt to open the throttle makes the T-Dub just die. Since it was running just fine at 5,000 feet elevation I am assuming my issue is I am just running too ruch and need to re-jet for this higher elevation. My buddy says that people who move up to this high elevation town generally will need to go two sizes lower on the main jet and 1 size lower on the pilot. I went to the only motorsports supplier in town and the guy said that for this old of carburator the only jets they could find is a 38 pilot and a 108 main jet. I asked him if I could just buy an after market jet kit but he said that for this old of carburator it would only be compatible with a specific style of jet.

    Has anyone ever heard of aftermarket jetting kits for the old carburator they put in the 1987 TW200? If so, I'd much rather just buy an entire kit where I test every single size. Going from a 114 to a 108 just to compensate for 2,000 feet elevation is a far stratch to invest $15.00 for a single main jet.

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    Main jets:

    Pilot jets:

    Buy an assortment of each. I am using #112 main jet and a #40 pilot jet and it starts easy and runs beautifully from sea level to about 3000'. I haven't been over 3000' but I am pretty sure it will do just fine. BTW, 2 turns on the idle mixture screw. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyjessee View Post
    I live at 7,000 feet elevation and bought a 1987 TW200 that came from 5,000 feet elevation. ....
    According to the two sizes smaller rule you would want a 110 main. A 108 would be about right from 8,000 to 12,000. The 38 pilot jet would probably work. If your altitude range (more important than static altitude) is 4,000 to 8,000, the 112 would be best. At 6,000 to 10,000, the 110 would be right. Remember that if you take it back down to sea level to 4,000 you will need to put the 114 back in. (These are approximations, any individual TW may vary a bit.)

    The TW is not real sensitive to pilot jet size, at 6,000 I use the stock pilot jet and just take it out 2 turns instead of 2.5. I suspect that you have some other problems. Going from running fine at 5,000 to unable to come off idle at 7,000 should not happen. In the meantime, try bumping the idle up a bunch.
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