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    hey guys, i have about 75 miles on my bike and was about to change the oil, but decided to put it off. I figured i'd leave the break in oil in just a little longer. I have a bottle of mobil 1 synthetic in hand but got to reading that some people recommend not to go with synthetic for the first oil change. Not trying to start another which oil debate, just trying to find out if there is a reason to not use synthetic for the first change.

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    Here are the last few times the "When to switch to synthetic question" was asked

    Qwerty's words of wisdom on break in are HERE post #6 and HERE post #5

    Oh and then this is this old guy's advice

    Which way is best? Beats the hell outta me

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    I asked the same question Russ. The thought is to stay with non synthetic to seat the rings. This just means to better mate the rings to the walls during this break in. I read that a synthetic may glazes the surfaces before they actually wear and mate well.
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    Thanks for the quick replies guys. I had read most of those posts which is what got me questioning the synthetic in the first place. Most of those post are going on 5 years old and had varying opinions so i wondered if something had changed since then. Rich, somehow i overlooked the last two you quoted from qwerty, that is definitely the clearest break-in advice i've seen so far. The owner's manual suggestion of 'avoiding prolonged operation' over a certain throttle level leaves a lot to be interpreted, like their definition of 'prolonged'. Thanks again guys.

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