Riding after 11 years dormant
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    Riding after 11 years dormant

    Hi guys I've got a tw125 and it's been standing for 11 years. I've replaced the carb and stuff now it runs and idles great. So I got it road legal and now use it for work. But it's got an issue when riding it keeps pitching and I have to scream it to even get the bike to maintain speed. On a national road I have to rag it in 3rd to just maintain 40-45 mph if I go up to 4th it starts to bog and 5th it's like slamming the brakes on I've messed with the idle and fuel mixture screws and no difference. Please any help would be much appreciated.

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    I assume you flushed and cleaned tank and all lines when you replaced the carb, but the issue sounds like it is likely the carb. I know you replaced it, but it sounds like maybe an air leak or possibly incorrect jetting if everything was properly cleaned out and flushed.
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    Have you tried some Redex or some other kind of fuel system cleaner first?
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