Brand New TW won't start - stupid but easy fix
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Thread: Brand New TW won't start - stupid but easy fix

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    Brand New TW won't start - stupid but easy fix

    Just wanted to get this out there in case it happens to anyone else. I couldn't find a solution online but did manage to figure it out.

    So.....I've got a brand new 2019 TW200 and I LOVE IT. I've been ripping her back and forth to work mostly, just getting her broken in. Last week I got my 600 mile break-in service and had a great ride home across the Santa Cruz mountains. Then yesterday when I was leaving work she didn't want to start. She ran rough for a few minutes, then just gave up. Another 5 minutes of draining the battery and finally the bike fired up. I went around the block a few times and the bike kept stuttering and cutting off. Finally the battery gave up completely and I had to get my wife to come and pick me and the bike up with my van. The whole time it definitely felt like I wasn't getting gas. I pulled the plug, it had a great spark, but I noticed it was bone dry. I did a little ghetto test with a lighter that I learned in my snowmobiling days to tell you if there's any gas in the cylinder.....the fact that I still have eyebrows indicates there was no fuel making it to the cylinder.

    This morning I called the shop that sold me the bike and the 600 mile service. They asked all the usual questions - is the petcock in the off position/does the tank have gas/etc..... I said yeah, yeah yeah, I just filled it up the evening before. He then asked if I had the bike standing up straight or on the kickstand when I filled it up. I told him I had the bike standing up so I could fit every last drop into that tiny tank. THAT's where I messed up. He explained to me that here in California we have a little charcoal filter can for any gas overflow/vapors and my TW had some overflow because I got the tank too full. When gas flows down the tube into the can, it creates a vacuum and won't allow gas to flow into the carb. He suggested that before I haul it over the mountain to the shop that I try to just disconnect the hoses going to and from the can and let it dry out and see if that fixes it. So on my lunch break, I went home and pulled those tubes off and she cranked right up, even with barely enough battery to turn it over. And she ran great. We'll see if this is a long term fix or if these issues pop back up in the weeks to come, but it seems to have worked for now. The guy at the shop also told me the same thing can happen if you lay the bike down. Most people think it's flooded, but it ends up being the opposite, due to the vacuum the charcoal canister creates.

    So there you go....I don't know how many people have had this problem, but hopefully somebody finds this helpful in the future. I was ready to trade my bike in for something with EFI when I was loading it up last night....but I couldn't stay mad at her! Turns out I didn't even need a tool to get it going again. But I may have to take that can off and put it in storage. I'd toss it out, but CA may start actually smogging/inspecting bikes in the future and I'd hate to spend money on something like that.

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    Thanks Stalker, that's a new one to me!

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    That was a rather common issue back in my early days around engines and it was called Vapor Locked. A simple air bubble in the fuel line that would not allow the fuel to flow. I can't help over here because it appears the only bikes that have the canisters are the California models I have never even seen here on the east coast.

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    I had a similar problem on a DR650. The charcoal disintegrated and plugged the vent tube. I limped home by loosening the gas cap and letting the carburetor fill and riding a few miles before it died and then doing it again.

    Do you think that loosening the gas cap would have worked in your case? It seems to me it would have.
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